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Why Hire an Interior Designer?  

Great remodels do not happen by accident!

Some people have a gift for designing spaces in a way that is pleasing to the eye and highly functional. However, most people have a hard time with this. Everyone cannot be expected to be able to design a space like a professional. 

It seems so easy, but most find it overwhelming to make decisions out of the multitude of items with which they are faced. 

Interior designers have extensive training that usually accompanies an interior design degree. Designers also follow a specific process for which they have been taught in order for the project to move in an organized and systematic manner. 

Following this process is particularly important when there is construction and remodeling involved.  Designers create drawings for your permitting process and for the contractors to follow.   These drawings also allow you to see what you will be getting.

Interior designers help to save money most during a remodel because construction mistakes can be serious.  Also you will usually get a substantial discount on the price of tile, plumbing fixtures and other necessary finish items. 

You will get a professional design, save time, money, and eliminate stress and worry!